Changing the Game – Part 2

Super Mario rom one world-renowned game to another, the Mario Brothers have been fan favourites for many years now. Nintendo’s plucky plumbers are still jumping on heads and sliding down pipes to this day, so it makes sense that such a fun packed title would have its own chess set. Adding a coat of bold colour to the board, characters such as Princess Peach, Daisy, Birdo and of course the main villain Bowser all have a spot on the checkered tabletop. This novelty board is a great way to get younger players into the game, providing a fresh and vibrant spin on the game for the whole family.


Another hero created by the Japanese gaming giant, the Legend of Zelda has a new chapter every couple of years. This enormous adventure has the character known as Link travel distant lands, meeting strange and interesting creatures and battling monsters over and over again. In this chess set fans can enjoy the presence of the most important characters from the series. Unlike the Mario board which maybe a little too colour intense for more classical players, this set still has an air of opulence to it. The pieces on each side are either onyx or a brushed gold and have a regal look about them. Character busts make up the most important pieces and each one looks fitting. This fantasy theme set wont look out of place in any modest collection; fans can subtly show their Zelda fandom without appearing too outlandish.


Fans of epic battles and prolonged grudges will no doubt be aware of the immersive storylines found in comic books. Some of the most recognisable characters and logos on the globe come from pages in DC comics, such as Superman’s chest symbol and the Bat signal. Now chess players can tactically face off gracious superheroes with their evil villain counterparts, in the final face to face battle that will decide whether good triumphs over darkness. In this finely made silver and black set, the Justice League faces their nemeses as Aquaman is matched against Black Manta and Sinestro matches Green Lantern. Fans will be happy to know that other sets are available too, providing entire boards for Batman and the Joker or even more obscure characters like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

The Simpsons

Rivaling Star Wars for its ability to be turned into marketable merchandise, Matt Groenings family of misfits also unsurprisingly has a few chesses sets available. Depending on taste, fans can choose between the classic yellow Springfield toons or choose the more ‘tasteful’ metallic pieces. Either way the bright colours well associated with the animation will come along, whether that is on the board or the bug-eyed characters themselves. With some sets focusing on the nuclear family alone and duplicating Maggies as the pawn, different additions will please anyone looking to see side characters represented. Grandpa Simpson, Milhouse, Ned Flanders and Krusty the Clown can all be found in the more limited and no doubt pricier sets.