Virtual Chess – Best Modern Titles

Chess is as good today as it was when it started – many would agree. But thanks to the games industry becoming the giant that it is, there are new and exciting versions appearing everywhere. Here are some virtual chess titles available today for each console that can help you stay competitive even when you don’t have your board.

Pure Chess – PlayStation’s answer to the call for a next generation chess title is Pure Chess, a visually impressive entry in the chess library that should keep most players content for hours. Beginners will enjoy some of the tactics taught to you in the tutorials that reveal openings and show how to defeat your opponent rapidly. The difficulty curve is steady enough, beginning with the AI making the odd blunder but eventually becoming as hardened as any chess veteran.

The good news is that you can play local matches easily and customize the game board with all the glossy surfaces you and your friend want. The bad news is if your friend goes home your online chess game will not be anywhere near as swift. Oddly on a modern-day gaming system where online play is oftentimes more important than a story, Pure Chess does not have a real-time online function. Instead your plays will be messaged to each other in a sluggish and frankly obsolete fashion. This is the games biggest flaw. But if you are happy to play solo or with someone on the sofa beside you, you may never stumble upon this archaic fault and instead can enjoy the High Definition, perfectly lit game boards that only virtual chess can bring.

Chess Ultra – Created by the developer of its Playstation counterpart, Chess Ultra for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is an even newer entry into the video game chess scene. With its classic looking menus and interface, the game is happy to jump back in time and reveal some of the board game’s history. One of its game modes features historic encounters where you play in games based on in real-life matches that date back all the way to 1912. After you have bested players all throughout history you can then try your hand at the challenges mode. In here there are several hours of games that push you to reach checkmate in as few moves as possible.For those of you who like to play other humans on occasion there is online capability, including cross-platform play with steam players. This means at the very least the pool of players readily available at any given time will be much larger. Here you can play six matches at once, compete in tournaments or play friends – usefully in real time.

Chess Play and Learn – Available for Android and IOS this is a highly rated chess app amongst beginners and pro’s alike. As the title suggests this game doesn’t just throw you in at the deep end, Chess Play and Learn comes with hundreds of tutorials and videos of tactics, lectures from grandmasters, and strategic plays for you to learn before you decide to go head to head. Being as popular as it is, the game has an active online community ready for you to try your newly acquired skills on. The multiplayer even allows you to compete in online tournaments from your pocket once you are ready. If you want to brush up on your game throughout the day, Chess Play and Learn could be the edge you need, and best of all you can download the app for free.